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she/her. 16, i write poetry
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I have no idea what this is. So... yeah, feedback is welcome, maybe people would like to tell me their interpretations of it? I honestly have no clue with this one. The words just sort of came out.


March 7, 2020


Mother has knelt, cascading of flesh and bone
She is shaky before God. She does not
breathe in his house so much as gasp for air under His vice-grip
and try to stay afloat. humble
for all the wrong reasons, that is to say, She, Woman,
has let herself spill into the baptism pool without coming up for air
on this sunday and God has let Her, He has
watched her sleep
into the blue abyss and call herself unworthy as death
itself warmed Her. allowed her to proclaim herself full, no more,
dirty, no-good, Woman, Her
struggling to give birth to all of his prophets. God in
His glory and heeding no warnings.
slow peeling of first, second, third, a layer of skin for a seat at the
table, for a sip of poison wine, for
and God has had a mother too once but He must not remember,
only holds Woman under tongue as if to say
you must drown here, Mother, you.


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  • buddingauthor

    Hey, so I would love to review this piece, but I do not know much about this religion and since I don't know about it, I don't think I can understand it deeply or provide you with any suggestions. But I do want to say, this is very beautifully written.

    9 months ago