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just a melancholy, existential girl with a penchant for poetry, fairy tales, and magical realism.

Message to Readers

inspired by macbeth and the book i just finished reading (red hood by elana k. arnold). as always, i appreciate any and all feedback! comments especially mean the world to me <3

wolves hide in the secrets that wrap our hearts like shrouds

March 8, 2020


fair is foul / and foul is fair.
is that why my skin is etched / with scars of sin and sorrow. why
i cry salt-soaked pillows and french vanilla ice-cream, why
good girls bloom broken hearts / and
nice boys whisper gilded lies.
there are wolves in the shadows between my ribs, a howl /
echoing in the cave of my hallowed throat. so
when the moon shines alabaster ivory, watch
for claw-marked walls
and girls / with bloody daggers tucked behind their spines.


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