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March 12, 2020

    Daisy"s petals are floating in the water and her leaves are cracked. Lilac has rain running down her stem. Iris' pollen is spilling into the muddy puddles under the dirt. Camilla's stem is broken and she's blowing in the wind. Bluebell's bluebells are broken. Willow's branches are bending in the howling wind.
    I watch sorrowfully from the rain spattered window. Human walks over to where I've been placed in my white pot. She bends over and pours cold water into my pot. As refreshing as it is, my heart aches for my friends. 
    When Human walks away, I stretch my stem and attempt to catch Willow's gaze. She doesn't see me though. I turn my head and watch Human. She is pacing around the kitchen and constantly looking at her light box. I don't understand the point of that object. Human's always staring at it or holding it to her ear and talking. 
    The light box often leaves Human sad or angry. I turned away from Human and watched the rain fall. I remember the day Human brought me in to The House. 
    I was with all my friends in Human's garden. I was talking to Marigold when Human came over to us. I figured she was only bringing us our water from the oddly shaped bucket. I was wrong. Marigold's petals and leaves were droopy and vaguely brown, but I just assumed it was because she was hidden in Willow's shadow. Human stood over Marigold. She bent over Marigold and gently pulled her stem.
    Marigold's face contorted with pain. My heart raced as I saw my friend's life being pulled away from her. I wanted to help her but Human just brushed away my vines like they were nothing. I was going to yell but Camilla gave me a death glare. I knew she didn't want Marigold to go but she also didn't want me to talk in front of Human. I watched Human pull Marigold's roots out of the cold soil. Marigold stopped struggling and several of her petals fell to the ground beside me. Tears dripped down my shaking stem. I sobbed when Human turned away with Marigold clenched in her fist.
    Days after Marigold's downfall, I had trouble getting enough sunlight. My petals felt brittle and they were losing their color at the tips. My stem felt weak and I couldn't stay upright. Human noticed my decreasing health. She 
came back over to the garden. I thought she was going to do what she did to Marigold... to me. I prepared myself for the pain of my roots being ripped from the soil, but it never came. Instead, Human took a small shovel and dig a circle around my sensitive roots and she picked me up and placed me in a pot.
    Human put me and the pot next to a glass door looking out to the garden. It was a sunny and warm spot. My health  increased positively and my petals perked up and regained their color. I felt really good, but I would look out to the garden and see Camilla and Lilac talking about Juniper and the other boys or I'd see Willow, giving Bluebell and Iris lessons on petal care. I wanted to be with my friends and family. 
It was times like the storm that I didn't envy my friends... I pitied them. I wished that Camilla and Lilac, Iris and Bluebell, Willow and Juniper could all join me in my cozy little pot. But now, after the storm, there are less loved ones to pity and more to grieve.
I wanted to give the flowers in a garden a chance to give their take on the world. Especially the storm and being picked out of the ground. I think Primrose gives all the flowers an opportunity to do so. 


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