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she/her. 16, i write poetry
est. sometime in 2017
currently waiting for wtw's 3rd golden age

Message to Readers

I tried to emulate the style of Enshia Li's poem, "unwritten letter from my greatgrandmother to my greatgrandfather, 1930". Feedback is welcomed :)

/ sorry

March 6, 2020


i have this memory of my mom crying. i am five, maybe? she is sitting in the rocking chair and crying and i don't know why. i didn't know why she was crying, but i remember that i was scared. i thought i did something wrong. i didn't comfort her. i am still apologizing for that, even if she doesn't know it.

and i / rocking chair / hidden behind grout / cream walls / drowning / mama / why / why / pink baby dress / two-sizes too big / excess / to billow / i am hidden / in it. / mama, i am missing you / for 9 months / i don’t remember why / sorry.

it is / too abrupt. / i am / too abrupt / sorry, sorry / sorry-


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