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Waves (part one)

March 5, 2020


       “For the first time in all my fabulous life, it feels like I’m melting, it feels like my insides are liquifying and my flesh is steaming off and there’ll be nothing left of me but a sad little puddle with my amazing yet mysterious face on it.” 
    “Gosh, Danica, do you have to be so dramatic?” I sigh as I reapply sunscreen on my shoulders. Danica Davis looks redder than a lobster in this mid-July heat. I snort out a laugh as she whimpers when the water touches her sunburnt legs. We’re here in Cabo on our annual BFF vacation. Last year it was Rhode Island, but it’s a LOT prettier here, I mean, it’s a tropical paradise for heaven’s sake!
    Danica’s face contorts from pain to relief as the chilled water cools her reddened appendages. After she’s gotten used to the icy water she motions for  me to join her.
    “Oh, c’mon Jolie! It’s a beach, at least get in the water once!” Danica announces loudly, attempting to splash me. She asks me to come in the water, and although it’s a lovely crystal clear glaze, the chances of me going in that water are 1 to 1,000.   
    And Danica knows this, too. Ever since the day Nora left for Ireland, my fear of the ocean has raged on. Danica was the shoulder I cried on the windy summer night when we got the letter from Republic Airways. 
    After briefly reliving the night of no-Nora, I snapped back to the present of me and Danica on the beach of Cabo. I squinted at the white glowing sand, attempting to find my new sunglasses, at which I’d purchased in the airport gift shop. 
Once my hand found my petite, clear sunglasses, I let out a loud sigh and placed them in front of my leaf green eyes. Danica had also acquired a pair of sunglasses, hers had purple frames and blueish lenses that complemented her dark skin and curly mop of hair nicely. 
    Danica soon became tired from yelling at me to, and I quote, “Jolie Johansson, get in this magnificent glass water right now!” Danica gets fascinated by the little things.
    Since I refused to go in the water, Danica and I left the beach. Now, here’s the thing, I absolutely love the beach and I would give anything to go in that crystal clear water, but something deep in the Nora-shaped hole in my heart is preventing me from doing so. 
    Nora Abigail Johansson was my twenty-three year old sister, who is no longer suffering from personhood. Nora and her soon-to-be husband, Benjamin Neil, were going to Ireland for their third-year dating anniversary. 
    Nora and Ben were so excited for their wedding. Even though they were both so, so young, they insisted they couldn’t wait any longer to officially bind their love. 
    I was going to be Nora’s maid of honor, but since Ireland happened, that’s not going to happen. No matter how much I cry at night, or how much Mom would pray, she’s not coming home.
    Danica and I go back to the teeny tiny beach house we rented for a shower and to put on our sundresses or a cutoff shirt and some jean shorts. 
    Once we get home, I dig through my suitcase I’ve yet to unpack for our month long stay here to find a decent dress. I finally uncover the one sundress I own. It’s a yellow, skintight dress that comes down to right above my knees, and it’s got the cutest sleeves. Well, not exactly sleeves, more like elastic bands keeping my dress from falling and exposing the white bra and navy blue underwear I’ve been wearing since we got here. 
    Danica is wearing her signature white shirt with pineapples scattered on the fabric and her favorite acid washed jean booty-shorts. She pulled her fluffy, black hair into a tight bun perched atop her head. We both agreed that we were going to to the San Lucas Cliff to sight-see. It’s been one of our priority places to visit. 
     The San Lucas cliff is supposedly one of the most beautiful places in Cabo, so Danica and I are eager to see it.  I googled a picture of it on my phone last night and, mmm mmm MMM, it’s gorgeous. It’s a cliff overlooking more of the crystal blue water, and if you stand on the cliff during sunrise or sunset, it’s said to bring you a good love life. ‘Course, I don’t believe any of this horse crap, but hey, I could use all the luck I can get. 
    You see, I’m not what you’d describe as a “commited”girl to my love life. I got my first boyfriend in seventh grade, his name was Dominic Arish. He was an exchange student from Australia, so he had the cutest accent. But after our third date I called it off, which broke Dom’s heart, but why would I care? We’re long over.
    Danica is really different than me,but that’s one of the reasons we’re such great friends. Danica got her first boyfriend in sixth grade. Will was one of our good  friends, and he still is. But when he kissed Danica at our first school dance, the circumstances between them sort of changed. 
    Will asked Danica out three days before our second Jr. High dance, she, obviously, said yes and they dated for eight months before Will called quits and broke Danica’s heart. But since I’m such an amazing friend, she got over him with an episode of Dirty Dancing and a sleeve of Girl Scout cookies.
    When Danica and I FINALLY reached the ledge of San Lucas, the view made my lungs tighten. If this is what it’s like every sunset on San Lucas, I don’t think I want to leave.
    The sun looked like a million fireflies fluttering off into the distance. The light reflected off the water, giving it a heavenly glow. The entire scene made me feel warm inside. I could spot dozens of fish swimming below the surface. My 
lungs loosen when I breathe in a gust of salty ocean air. 
    I lean my head on Danica’s shoulder, and she puts her arm around my back. We both take in the luscious view until the sky goes dark. After San Lucas, we return to our beach house to eat something.


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