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Kaitlen Fagan

United States

A New Day

April 2, 2015

PROMPT: Floating


Dreamily I sat up and yawned, still encumbered with the mist of a dreamworld. I slid my warm, slippery silk sheets to the side and set my feet on the chilly floor with a soft thud. A cold breeze blew in from the window, still open from the past evening. I pulled a robe over my shoulders and tiptoed to the window. I reached for the latch but as I clasped my hand around it, I felt a sudden urge to stick my face out the window and breathe in the clear night air, and I did. But, when I finally pulled my head back in, I glanced down at my feet and let out a yelp. My feet were no longer on the ground! As if touched by fairy dust I began to float highter until my head bumped the shadow filled ceiling. I let my body do a tumble in midair when suddenly the window blew all the way open with a great gust of wind. The curtains fluttered like birds set free from a cage and the shutters angrily clattered against the side of the house. What felt like the tug of an invisible rope pulled me down to the windowsill and I grasped the edge. I found myself invisioning leaping out and soaring high over the twinkling city lights. Soon the urge to be free in the air became became too strong and I swung out into the night sky. 

The breezes of the night pushed me along and I quickly began to contol my tumbling. The fabric of my large nightshirt flapped against my legs. The night sky glowed with a trillion stars that cast tiny pinpoints of light on the city below. Looking down, I found that I was not afraid. Huge skyscrapers rose to touch the sky around me, but I looked down upon them. Floating above the cityscape, it was peaceful, serene. I was completely at ease up there, floating among the whispy clouds.

Gaining my courage, I made a wild dive for the ground and narrowly escaped the impenetrable concrete. I swept along the pavement, then let my body slowly ascend toward the heavens. I caught a glimpse of the grand reflection of the moon in a lake in a nearby park and made a broad swing round the nearest building. My stomach flew up into my throat as I took another dive for the ground and sailed toward the crystal clear pool. I glided along the water, letting my fingers barely kiss the surface. It sent up a light spray that flew up behind me and sprinkled my toes. I flipped over and lay with my arms behind my head, just floating along.

Suddenly, a blinding flash of light caught me off guard and I lost my balance, narrowly missing a fall into the chilled water. It was the light of a rising sun, filled with the brightest and most beautiful colors of the rainbow. I felt the familiar tug and knew somehow that I must return home. I did a loop up and escalated to the tallest tower. Flying high over the city one last time, I looked out and realized that even in all its' ugliness, humanity still retains its' beauty. I bid the sky a fond farewell and drifted back to my open window. The curtains still billowed, but this time shining from a different sun, one that shone with the light of a new day.


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