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she/her. 16, i write poetry
est. sometime in 2017
currently waiting for wtw's 3rd golden age

Message to Readers

A lot of my fear at coming out as Bi stemmed from the acts of violence that occurred against members of the community throughout my life. A little naive part of me thought that I'd be "safe" if I wasn't out. Anyways, this is piece sort of reflects on that. (btw: I'm out now and I'm safe, my family is accepting, etc. so please don't worry!)
Feedback is much appreciated.

out (of time.) #LGBTQPersonal

March 4, 2020


out of curious 
bodies and nail polish. out of bending and trying not to
break out of boxes
out of childhood pictures out of holding hands. and a rulebook i
know by heart, expect the 
know you deserve it.
only those who have never been 
shot by
black-and-white think bullets only silence words
ideas because those can live on, right? can
survive even when
the last vessel is bleeding out on 
the ground of a nightclub
but it wasn’t
targeted. so let us come 
out of closets, let us 
rejoice in flannel and lipstick and beards and come, gentle gunmen 
with problems they cannot control and 
let me out of the closet, to come softly, to ask 
mama if i can see plastique at
pride and let her tell me it is too dangerous. let me out to ask her if
she meant the ideas or
the bullets and i know she means both but i know she is 
learning. and let her tell me i can go this year but
i have
been shot by then, and i am bleeding out on the floor of
the nightclub because
closet doors cannot protect against bullets.


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