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I went to the Seoul Train K-pop Party in SF a while back (at one of the only venues that allowed minors they held it at) and had the time of my LIFE. It was so so liberating. Feedback is much appreciated. :)

wish you were gay cover by hwasa x kei

March 3, 2020


and this is sanctuary; prom packed with asian girls, 
hips swinging as one beautiful body and fingers snapping
to the beat of kpop hits:
so when girls generation comes on let us remember it is our anthem; and let us part, moses in red sea, mother handing red-pocket to daughter for the tell-tale in your area 
of 3rd gen. platinum braid swung over shoulders and belt-chains
left broken beneath our feet. 
they call us goddesses because we are; the rumbling of bass
in this basement is stronger than all of their men combined. bangs blunt and sharp,
metal twangs of 他妈的 for those who forget worship does not mean your hands get to settle around deities. our holiness
is not meant to be sacrificed. and if sweaty bodies find each other in this continent
to the sound of iu’s climbing runs, well-
we are not judging.


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  • silvernight

    oh my god understanding every reference in this is.... liberating. i love this so much. i love, love, love it. the vibes absolutely Slay. <3

    11 months ago