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Why did I write this? I dunno. I started thinking about my best friend. And then this big ol essay just kinda appeared in front of me. So. Heyyy~

Best Friend

March 3, 2020


What is so special about the term "best friend"? To some people it has no meaning, and they use it toward many people. To others, it has extremely significant meaning and they only honour one person with the title.
I am most definitely the latter. 
The term "best" has a clear meaning. Everyone knows what "best" means. It means the most excellent or desirable, indicating there's only one. 
I've kept the term to myself for a long time. I haven't trusted anyone to be deemed my best friend, because everybody has proven my concerns that they'll leave or betray me, or they stay, but they obviously just don't care about me.
Last month, my mental health switched upside down. I became happy. I began taking care of myself. Why? I found my best friend. 
They're precious to me now. They care about me, they make time for me, they assure me that they're genuinely there for me.
They don't just say they care and then turn around and prove they don't.
They've stayed up with me. They've pulled me out of some dark spaces. They've showered me in love and they do everything in my best interest.
They notice things about me that even the closest people to me don't notice. They've learned so much that they can read me without me even hinting at anything. I can't lie to them. They'll pick it up immediately. 
They've seen my writing here. And they haven't left, even knowing and analysing everything I feel and everything I've been through.
They cancel out my blind optimism with logic and a healthy dose of pessimism needed to keep me attached to the ground and out of the clouds. But even then, sometimes they let my optimism and imagination run wild, and they stay for the ride.
They protect me. They're always on guard for people who think they can be mean to me. They teach me that some people I hold close to myself are toxic. They even protect me from myself.
My best friend shares as many fears as me. They're scared I'll leave them. They're scared I'll hurt them. They know what it means to be called "best friend" and they hold the title away from fake people just like I do.
Sometimes we fight. But they've taught me that it's okay. That no matter the argument, no matter how hurt we get, no matter how often I vent to them, they'll still be there for me. 
And they understand that even after they've shown me how much they love and care about me, I can still regress and get scared they'll leave. 
I only met them last month. But they've been a better friend to me within 6 weeks than the friends I've had for years.
We joke around all the time and we're mean to each other. But that's how we show our love.
They call me stupid. I call them trash. Because we both know that within the next few minutes we'll clog each other's DM's up with "I love you"s and "thank you"s. 
They're the first person to treat me like I'm their actual best friend, not their second choice or their last resort.
I'm finally important to someone. And they're extremely important to me. I hope they never forget that. 
I love my best friend sm istg y'all wish u had someone as cool as them in ur lives


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