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London (part two)

March 5, 2020


    I felt tears run down my cheeks as I ran to my father. Joy filled my heart when Father held me in his arms. "Oh, Lottie, it's been so long. I'm so so sorry," he cried softly. "it's OK, Papa. Really, but how'd you find me?" I said with a smile.     
    Father's eyes lit up. "It's a crazy story fille," He began, using his nickname for me. I sat, cradled in his loving arms as he told stories of his voyage to find me. I could feel my eyes closing again, but I was afraid Father was only a dream, so I refused sleep. But this became more and more difficult as Father stroked my ratty hair in his calloused hands.
    I gave in to sleep eventually. I felt myself slipping into slumber and I decided it wasn't a dream. As I slept, I DID dream. I dreamt of another set of hands holding my tired head. I looked up and saw my Maman. She gazed softly in my sleepless eyes and whispered to me; l'amour dure. 
    I jolted awake when the boat hit a wave. A strong one. I turned around in my bed to look for Father. He was standing over by my cabin window. He had a terrified look in his eyes and his lips were pursed in worry. "Papa," I uttered, trying to see what was frightening him. 
    He turned over to me and horror was painted all over his face. "We need to get off this bateau, NOW." He declared.He instructed me to gather my bags, and I obeyed. Father and I sped down the narrow hallway to get to the small lifeboat. I grabbed a sack of bread and berries as we passed the dining hall. 
    We reached the end of the hallway and I realized why Father was so horrified.      


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