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aaa i think a lot of my pieces were unpublished because they were posted in the now-retired poets and wordsmiths group. does anyone know if i have to manually go through my portfolio, make a new version of each one, and republish them all, or is there a better way?

glass is just glass, a body is just a body

March 4, 2020


to the girl who cages breath between her ribs like butterflies -
i think you're lovely
despite your hollow spaces and
the way you fold into yourself, baggy
hoodies and sweatpants can't hide your secrets,
how you stare at the mirror for just a second too long
but never like what you see. how
you pinch yourself,
nails digging crescents,
as if you are worried you might slip away.

glass is just glass,
a body is just a body,
but butterflies are beautiful.


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  • Tushar Mandhan

    Beautiful! Indeed glass is just a glass unless you're in amusement park or museum.

    over 1 year ago