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loves, dogs, music, and Writing
i am a self made songwriter and poet
i am a very stubborn person and i will stand up for what i believe no matter WHO fucking challenges me
and if you don't like me deal with it
i am my own biggest RIVAL

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just to be heard.

will it matter

March 3, 2020

Would it matter 
If i said life was a ladder
Climbing step by step
Making it better
But sometimes you fall
And don't want to climb to you're feet
You're at the edge of you're seat
Wanting to take a rest
Scared of failing the test
The hardest part is getting back up
Dusting you're self off
And hoping you're best is enough
Because if it's not then why do we even try
Some people look at failure and start to cry 
I fail and look at the sky
And ask god what to do
Because that's where my faith lies
Some people lie 
to get what they are wanting
But the lord is watching
our mistakes and the way we handle them 
then haunts us till were tired of handling
things the way we do
so lord i'm asking you
Am i to fall through



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