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Partly inspired by @taisa.m.s 's art on instagram, she's crazy talented so please go check her out! I really hope I did her justice, even just a little bit. Feedback is welcomed always.

the witch-girls in coven ii (and all that jazz)

March 1, 2020


it’s the vintage-modern kind of witch girls. coven ii has
chanel handbag straps as leg garters. fat ribbons under chins
they don’t fit those fantasies and they don’t want to. so it’s the grey walls
velvet couches in the bathroom
corsets because they want too and not because of tradition. being
eaten up by vines is far more appetizing than demon-counterparts and
if they own black cats it’s because they look cute.
clashing of teeth in the locker-rooms
wiping lip gloss into bandanas. the cheap bubble-gum hair dye or
the ghost-boys in lagoons. bloodstains on blinding teeth
and spit-contests with cherry pits.


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  • efflorescence

    ooh I love their art! i'm assuming this is inspired by their recent series of vintage witches? because i definitely get that sassy yet old-fashioned vibe from this poem

    11 months ago