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N., I’m sorry. i know you said you wanted to see less-commonly-known gods from different pantheons, but i’ve been on a roll with venus and i was really vibing with the whole concept of a heartbroken venus. so i’m sorry lmao, but i hope you enjoy nonetheless <3
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and her laugh was like warm vanilla and cloves #onetrick(1)

May 27, 2020


    venus walks to the grocery store every wednesday at midnight, when everything is as quiet as her footfall. she hides behind a white face mask and a pair of crimson starlet sunglasses, yet she bares her arms and unshaved calves to the crisp below-thirties and the wandering eyes of a passerby. 
    she has changed her demeanor. she has changed her smile. strangers tend to stray to the opposite edge of the sidewalk from her, and she dares a glance at the wary from beneath a hooded eye. 
    venus is melancholic. she rides the three o’clock bus to the plaza and bathes in the touch of helios’ hands against her buttermilk skin. she no longer has a care in the world; she is deaf to the pair falling out of love next to the hand-carved edge of the tiled fountain, in the unsympathetic way that couples do. helios looks on with brotherly concern, and traces the cinnamon curves of her temples. venus is broken. her heart is locked in a polished maple box beneath her fold-out bed. helios holds venus as he can, for he is 93 million miles away.

    this is not the venus that mars would have known. she is not of the bottomless sea and sicilian perfumes, generosity and wrinkled cardstock letters. this girl is an old soul, and she has decided that love warrants a price.
    she is not the white fawn of the southerly winds; the queen with a war helm of daisies. she is afraid now, and so she hides the fissures in her complexion behind a youthful facade. our lady of αγάπη lays barren, and acidic starfall reigns beneath her tears.
αγάπη—agápi—love in Greek


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  • N.

    9 months ago
  • jaii

    jesus christ! *ahem* i mean, by zeus' lightning bolt, this is godly! i am completely enticed by your figurative language. this is just *chef kisses*

    9 months ago
  • Anha

    in this house we stan heartbroken goddesses. (and we make sure everyone else stans her too.)

    9 months ago
  • Jasmine_K

    "she rides the three o’clock bus to the plaza and bathes in the touch of helios’ hands against her buttermilk skin." This IMAGERY!! I'm in love holy heck.

    11 months ago
  • babybluelamentations

    ahhh I messed upppp
    yea I originally wrote this with aphrodite in mind, but I changed it to venus because it was easier to make the piece flow.
    ugh it should be amor, not agápi :(

    11 months ago
  • BurningMidnightOil

    I love the way this was written. the imagery is so so so fantastic. the way you implied that she was melancholic before you established it is really brilliant. However, I find that some things do not at up. Venus is the Roman goddess of love, Aphrodite is the Greek goddess of love, yet your used agápi it this short piece. I would suggest either changing that word to latin or changing Venus to Aphrodite. Well done and best of luck!

    11 months ago
  • N.

    don't worry about it! because a) you did it very well and b) i can't write a piece without referencing artemis so i guess i can't judge... with that said, wonderful job and thank you for entering!

    11 months ago
  • Wicked!

    This is beautifully written!

    11 months ago