Until your blood darkens with ink, and your hands grow raw against paper, wield your pens—we are the soldiers of story.

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maybe its because i'm from a tropical country, but i've found that there is a direct correlation between my happiness and how long its been since i've last seen sunlight.

yellow and blue

February 28, 2020


i write in the morning, because i don't want the only light to be coming from my laptop.
because i like the warmth of the sunlight more than the blue-white of a screen, and the warm more than the cold. because i'd rather hear traffic and birds than my music to make up the lost sound at night. because i watch the sunlight when i am alone, and only think the moon is pretty in company. because everything is illuminated in the day, and plunged into mystery at night,

and for all my pride in writing, i am scared of unknowns.


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