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Message to Readers

I want to write another stanza, probably one that breaks the meter, to wrap up the poem, but I'm not sure what to write for it. I'd also appreciate some better name suggestions.

I Treasure You

February 29, 2020


I've spent a lot of time thinking about why you captured my heart
Maybe it's that carefree silhouette
Or the smile that fits your face like a piece of an IKEA table set
It might have something to do with the way your words roll over me in a tidal wave of enchantment
And the feeling of peace that always seems to follow you to me

I love it when you try so hard to keep me to yourself
The simple charm in our laughter
How we harness our awkwardness to work for our plans
I'd do anything you wanted if it meant that you kept dancing to the melody that only you hear
And nothing compares to the way you hold me together
Written while listening to "Tuesdays" by Jake Scott.


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  • Sunflower~

    Love this sooo much! you have a beautiful writing style

    over 1 year ago
  • Loser

    Your comparisons are fantastic.
    A title suggestion could be "I Treasure You"

    over 1 year ago