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I am an amateur writer and love to write stories and poems about war and emotion, ummm. Hi! I love anime, Harry Potter, PJO, Edgy Music. If you follow me I will follow you back!
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Hey, I'm back! Anything I can work on really would help!


February 27, 2020


“Skylr Verio, aka Riot, currently residing in Obsidian Retreat Penitentiary for serial murder” The officer in front of me read off of my file while I sat shackled to a chair. 
“Yes, I did that” I giggled, my legs swinging with the little give the chains had.
“I know, time to say good night Riot” The guard rose and revealed a needle
“Wait, NO!”I shouted but it was too late he had stuck me in the neck. By the time I woke up I was in a completely new room it smelled sickeningly clean like a lab. As I slowly rose back into consciousness I realized they had me strapped down to a table and the soft groans of others next to me told me I wasn’t alone.
“Who are you guys and where are we?”A girl next to me questioned.
“Tell me your name and I’ll tell you mine sugar.”The soft English voice of a boy crooned.
“I’m Riot” I responded.
“Well hello Riot I’m Gear,” The girl said.
Another female voice chimed into the conversation, this one stronger, rougher than Gear’s, “I’m Starpunk, a pleasure to meet you all.
“The name’s Inferno sugar,” Soft-voice-boy said in a sultry tone.
“And last but not least who are you, love?” Inferno lingered leaving it all on the last person in the room a tall male with jet black hair with soft blue streaks.
“My name is Stormfire,” He said this as he sat up off of his table the shredded remains of straps falling around him like ashes.
“Hey! How did you get out? They took away my weapons!”Gear shouted in anger.
“I have my ways, now if you’ll kindly shut up, I can get the rest of us out” He snarled getting a low growl from Gear.
“Nuh-uh-uh” Teased a female voice; She had an accent that sounded French. As I looked towards the voice I saw it belonged to an average heighted woman with glasses and a piercing glare the practically screamed listen up.
 “And just who are you?”Starpunk smirked.
“Oh me, i’m well, let’s just say, i’m your new boss, ok sweetie” She responded with the same amount of fire in her tone.
“What the heck?! I work for my self! I don’t have or need a boss!!” Everyone screamed in various tones.
“Well now you do,” She shot.
“Um, excuse me, ma’am?”I squeaked mentally cursing myself for sounding so mousy.
“Oui?”She turned to face me, I let out a small cry, she radiated power.
“Do you think you could let us out?”I whispered
“Oh, I’m sorry! I completely forgot ”She exclaimed and raced towards me. After she let me and everyone else out we were led to another room, this room was a lot scarier, it was dark and had an air of trouble, but not my kind.
 “They’re here.” The lady addressed another figure in the room, this one was taller, older, and evidently more mature.
“Good girl, Amélie”  A masculine voice belonging to the older figure. 
“Hello,  boss.”
This isn't finished I'm just working on it!


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