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By: erinsheckard38


Tell me why you did it, will you?
Why you let her do that to me. 
Tell me why, mother,
why you're so unfeeling. 
You let her attack me,
belittle me,
intimidate me,
confront me,
block me,
terrify me,
and you lie to me. 
You say you love me,
but you lie. 

You told me to 'put my differences aside.'
I did. 
That, and anxiety,
my fear,
my anger,
and I was stopped. 
Told not to 'dictate'
like I'm the benevolent one. 
The one in control,
when, in truth,
I never have been. 
You're in control. 
She's in control. 

My mind is a fucking prison. 
No, a fucking asylum,
and I'm the only patient on the inside. 
My screams echo and bounce off the concrete walls
only to make a full circuit
back to my lonely ears. 
Mother, tell me why, please?
Mom, why have you left me alone here?
To scream on my own here?
Mommy, why are you there?
You locked me behind these bars. 
Screaming, screaming, screaming. 
I'm alone, alone, alone. 

I'm a child in here. 
Stuck, stuck, stuck. 
Trapped, trapped, trapped. 
You've regressed me to nothing more than
an anxiety ridden,
fear consumed,
terror addled child. 
Think about that, will you, Mother?
I've grown up,
but I'm a child. 
I'm strong,
but I'm afraid. 
Think about that, will you, Mother?

I'm sane, but I'm crazy 
I'm a never ending paradox
of overwhelming everything. 
This continuous loop, 
this god damn Möbius strip
is tiring,
What's the point?
Tell me. 

Mother, I'm crazy. 
Mother, I'm gone. 
Mother, this is me. 
This is me telling you how it is. 
I'm crazy,


Peer Review

"My screams echo and bounce off the concrete walls only to make a full circuit back to my lonely ears. ", Is my favorite line. its such an extraordinary, out of the blue line, I've never read t before and it stuck to me!

in much contrast, after reading this poem, I was left with a mixed pickle of emotions. the protagonist has gone on to blame the mother for may thins not working out in his/her life, which is completely understandable but after reading the bit I went back and thought about all the times, I myself have been in a similar situation and it made me feel rather guilty.

What did the mother exactly do? such wrong that it brought such deep anger out of the child?

Reviewer Comments

I think this poem is very to the point, quick and keeps the reader on his toes! It is great liberation of building anger, wonderfully expressed!
kudos! :)