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What was I aiming for with this? I don't even know tbh
I guess I just felt a little tickle in my chest that prompted me to write this

Maybe Someday We Can Be Together

February 26, 2020


Lots of people cry themselves to sleep at night. I'm one of them.
Tonight, for example, I'm crying hard.
I cry and cry and cry.
And then I start to giggle.
Heavy tears fall as suddenly there's a tickle inside me that forces out a chuckle. Just a little titter, nothing more.
But the seconds pass, and my giggles turn into laughs.
The minutes then pass, and then my laughing is cackling.
The only sign I was crying is the tears drying on my cheeks. My eyes are dark but my laughter is loud and excited.
The rubber bands around my wrists shake and tremble with my twitching, my attempts to be still and calm my emotions.
No one else is home, but a face waves around on the screen on my phone.
I finally stop laughing.
A content and almost sleepy smile graces my face while my eyes remain cloudy, heavy, distant.
A slow hand picks up my phone, vibrating gently with the added weight.
I look at his face. He seems worried.
"Look, I'm sorry that this is how I came to tell you, but-"
He stops when he sees me giggling again, my mind much farther gone than he could ever imagine.
I press a finger to my lips, smiling against it. A soft breath draws into my lungs before I speak.
"You're adorable, you know that?"
"You really think I'll lose these feelings just because you like someone else?" My body tickles again as I look at her picture on my corkboard. He can't see it, but I reach for a little cloth doll and push a pin in the center of her chest. I feel a sense of ecstasy running through my veins. "My love is eternal, Ollie."
"Mila, you're kind of freaking me out. It's okay to be hurt, you know. I mean, I've fallen for girls who had their eyes on other guys. I've always wanted just a chance with them. I guess... if you can tell me this won't damage anything between us, then maybe someday we can be together. I like you as a friend, after all. Maybe that'll develop in time." He offered a friendly smile.
Something shoots through my body. It makes me grin brighter than anything in the world.
"I have to go," I tell him. Before he can respond, I shut off my phone and stand up. 
My feet carry me to the corkboard, where I pluck her picture off and swipe my lighter from my windowsill. A scratching sound, and the picture burns between my fingers. The heat makes me giggle.
"Some things develop in time, Ollie," I say to myself as I grip the lighter in my fist. "But a little push in the right direction never hurt anyone." I slip on a jacket then walk out of my house to make my way to hers, lighter in hand.


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