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The Day the Clocks Froze

February 25, 2020


    They said it was because of the Satellite attack. The tiny European country of Werhkin didn't like America's growing power, so they thought that taking out 4 of their satellites would put them in their place. I don't think they realized how disastrous that would be. Clocks across the world instantly showed a blinking 12:00, GPS systems failed, tv stations were reduced to static, and even Times Square completely blinked out. Cell phones failed, trains were forced to a halt, and hundreds of millions of people lost power in that one single instant. 
    As soon as the satellites were hit, there were 600 million people worldwide who died. In that one second, almost twice the population of America was killed. In the following days, almost 50 million more would follow. The United States was hit the hardest, losing about 150 million. Suddenly, the more "advanced" countries lost everything. Their populations plummeted, their technology failed, and their economies collapsed. All because of one tiny missile strike from Europe's smallest country. The countries that had the least amount of technology were the ones who were affected the least. For example, Africa's countries' populations remained largely the same.
    It has only been 4 months since the Aclockalypse started (or so it had been named), but chaos continues to reign. America's President (the former Vice President who took office when Air Force One went down on what is being called Day Zero) declared war on Werhkin, and now the world is taking sides. With America are the more developed countries such as the UK, Canada, China, Japan, Russia, Brazil, France, and Germany. With Werhkin are the less developed countries and even some of the more developed ones who joined Werhkin for more power, including India, the Middle East, Mexico, most of Africa, and most of South America as well. There are only two countries who haven't taken sides, one being my home country: Switzerland. 
    Our past of non-partisanship is struggling in this post-apocalyptic world. Our citizens who have taken sides in the war have left to join the efforts. We are down to only 200,000 Swiss mediators left. The world is tearing itself apart, but we are determined to be the thread that sews us back together. Despite our recent lack of advanced technology. Our little bubble in the mountains has kept us safe from this stupid, unnecessary war, but soon we will have to face the decision of what side to choose. 
    My father, who has taken the lead in our nation after the majority of our government perished on Day Zero, is struggling to keep the peace, even between ourselves. Our only hope is to join forces with the only other nation who hasn't yet joined the war, and the distance between us isn't our only problem. See, Australia hasn't yet chosen a side, but that's only because they are dealing with their own, vicious internal war about which side to choose. The only hope for our world is for us to get there and convince them to help us end it instead. But, given our circumstances and dwindling population, the burden of delivering the message has fallen to one small group: my motley crew of teenage travelers.
    It is our duty to make the trek to Australia and try to convince them to join us in neutrality. My father begged me not to go, but as my gang's unofficial leader, I must. It is my destiny. I just have to hope that we don't kill each other along the way. Because, once the others find out my secret, all hell is going to break loose. 
I just read an article about how important satellites are to our modern lives, so I got the idea for this story. Let me know what you think of it! Also, sorry for not posting in a while, I've been pretty stressed lately, but I am still working on some exciting things in the future, so stay tuned! Also, Werhkin is pronounced ware-shin just to let you know. Enjoy!


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  • LyraLynne

    Thank you guys for commenting! I haven't been on in a while but your guys' support means a lot to me!

    7 months ago
  • Wicked!

    I love this idea!

    8 months ago
  • CreativeAngel

    Your writing is always inspirational! Glad that i'm finding some of the old writers. So many left but i've had some respond back. Hopefully i can see you more often on the dashboard. I miss those times two years ago. They had quite some good role models. I kinda feel like these days it's more about the likes and not the actual piece. Too many competitions even, i did put a competition up but that doesn't mean they haven't taken over, thankfully you stayed. I look forward to your writing :)

    8 months ago