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Aching Mint

February 24, 2020


Loose change, 
all weathered silver and bronze,
flattening the skin on my palm.

(You said you loved me)

You wouldn’t think that
dimes and nickels and pennies and quarters
could weigh you down this much.

You said 
                   you loved me.

Holding coins for a minute is easy,
but days, weeks, make my arm ache,
and I know I should just give it up.

You said you 
                    loved me.

My hand flips over,
and they fall onto hardwood - slow at first,
then a copper sea descends.

You. Said you. Lovedmeyousaidyoulovedme.

At my feet are dozens of coins,
everything to the frayed man on the street,
but worth nothing to me.

You said you loved me.


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