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Sometimes I wish I was just an australopithecus afarensis like Lucy. That way, even when I die, people write religious interpretations about my bones. (Word Count: 776)

Marvellous #febblackculture

February 26, 2020


    She is the night before the day and the day before the night. She's the brightest star in the universe and the darkest, largest tear in it, too. She's just after the beginning and just before the end- the not quite god of the universe. 
    You could call her the curator. The caretaker of a museum full of art she didn't make and didn’t really understand. Piece after piece of painstaking detail, abandoned. Well, somewhat abandoned. Someone filled the Louvre and left it, with only her and a weekly planner for the next milenia. 
    And how beautiful it all was. The stars, the planets, every impossible thing, every unimaginable concept was here in this universe of hers. She marvelled at gravity and heat, atoms and energy, fusion and fission, the emptiness and the infinity of everything and it was marvellous. But it was so delicate. Her hands had to be strong, careful enough to push and pull the strings, short fingered and round as they were. 
    Standing upon the solid ground, she was shocked. It had been awhile since she had been solid. She looked down at herself- eyes still settling in gravity, her own form was the template. It was longer than it was wide, she thought, splintering off from bulk into sticks into strings- arms, legs, fingers, toes- all dark as the infinite abyss she crawled out of. This place was so quiet. It was all so fresh- hazy grey air and scalding oceans. She smiled, in the oceans, she knew, already there would be something growing- but it was not what she was here for.
    She considered the dust, the sand so hot and white, but it would not do. She looked to the water, the sky, the mountains and magma, but no! None would do for them. This one took up a whole page in the planner, a big deal for living things (with the obvious exception of beetles) and she wanted to do it right. 
    It took billions of years. Eons passed, the planet cooled and cleared before she saw it- but oh, when she saw it, it was perfect. How had she not seen it before? There, in the very place where she had started, was a tree, grown in the shape of her. Patches of flowers followed her original footprints, a lake now stood formed where she had tripped over a rock- but the tree was the true marvel. Sculpted to every curve of her face, every eyelash, every muscle shown beneath her skin, the tree made her certain she had found it.
    She laughed- how could it have taken this long? Of course! She would make them out of trees- the walking, the crawling, the flying, the swimming- they would spring forth from the algae on the oceans the like the sun into the sky. One living thing to another. As the winds started to blow, to move and change for the first time on this planet she was sure it wouldn't take a long time.
    It did take a long time. In fact, waiting there, by the lake might've been the longest she'd had to wait for an evolving species. She rarely waited on any of them, just checked in every so often, but not this one. She was waiting for a woman, a walking woman, to visit her on the rocks. She needed proof- isn't that ironic? God needed proof of humans. 
    Billions more years passed, as different animals came in droves to the land, but none the one she was looking for. Not yet. She was patient, as always, but it wasn't easy. The animals took form- she began to see it. It came slowly, a change of one thing to the next- she hadn't felt such excitement in so long! And suddenly, it was so painfully obvious: there she was.
    Walking to her, there was the woman she had been waiting for. She called out, a language she didn't know, a name she wasn't called by, but she came nonetheless. How could she think to do anything else when the woman on the rocks summoned her? 
    You can debate all you want over what she meant. Was it a reference to the "Beatles," as we know how she loved the beetles? Was it a name, a calling by the name not to be given for thousands of years? I don't know, but I like to imagine, as she shouted, she meant it as a cry of joy. A monument to the years spent waiting and the art of the product. I'd like to imagine, as she said "Lucy," she was saying "You are Marvelous!"


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  • Anha

    march highlights are live, and you're in them! (this piece didn't win grand prize for nothing.)

    8 months ago
  • A Certain Type of Decisive

    :D :D :D

    9 months ago
  • Loser

    Congratulations! You won Grand Prize in #blackculture!

    9 months ago
  • Loser

    I feel like this really shows the connection between the character and nature. Good work!

    9 months ago