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White Rabbit

June 21, 2016

LUKE, 17, works at the Green Garden grocery store after school, introverted
ANDREA, 16, outgoing, “friend” of LUKE

Setting: Present day, at the Green Garden grocery store, and then later at an unknown location

Scene 1

(Spotlight comes up on LUKE, standing alone center.) 

LUKE: My mother always said that good things come to those who wait. But she never mentioned anything about them staying. 

(Lights come up. There are a few shelves and displays with food and other typical store items. LUKE is sweeping the floor, wearing a tan apron over shorts and a t-shirt. ANDREA enters from L, wearing a tank top and khaki shorts, humming to herself, a messenger bag slung over one shoulder.)

ANDREA (waving her arms above her head): Hey, you! 

(LUKE ignores her and continues sweeping the floor.)

ANDREA (waving her arms over her head): Hey, Buzzboy, hello!

LUKE (turns to her, weary; this exchange has clearly happened before): Please don't call me that.

ANDREA: Aw come on, it's just a fun little nickname, not an insult. You should know that by now.

(LUKE keeps sweeping)

ANDREA: Why weren't you in history today?

LUKE: Cas called in sick, boss said I could work his shift. 

ANDREA: Never did take you as the rebel type.

LUKE: I'm not. Just need the hours more than I need Mr. Duncan’s lectures.

ANDREA: Trying to get yourself the new Gamebox Xtreme 180 or something?

LUKE: I don't have time for that crap. 

LUKE (under his breath): Or yours.

ANDREA (oblivious): What was that?

LUKE (loudly): Nice weather we’re having today. 

(LUKE sweeps the small pile of garbage into the dustpan)

ANDREA: Aw come on, surely you have something more exciting to talk about than that. 

(Scene fades to black with a spot on Luke)

LUKE: Yea, I'm sure she's dying to hear about how my deadbeat father won't leave my overworked and underpaid mom alone, who to top it all might- 

(LUKE stops, catching himself, and steps out of the spotlight. Lights come up again)

LUKE: I'm hear to work, not to chat. 

ANDREA (pouting): Why do you have to be such a spoilsport? 


ANDREA (pulling out some papers from her bag): Here, I brought you some notes from class. 

LUKE (accepting them): Thanks, I guess. 

(LUKE rolls up the papers and shoves them in his pocket and turns away, a clear signal that the conversation is over. ANDREA, however, does not take the hint.) 

ANDREA: So I was thinking that maybe we could get together and study sometime, you know, before the big AP exam. You're good at remembering all those dates and names and I-

LUKE: I'm not taking the test. 

ANDREA: B-but you're good at history, and you can get college credit and everything, at least if you do well, and-

LUKE (turns around to face her): Will you just shut up and leave me the hell alone? 

ANDREA (hurt): But I'm your friend, I just want to help-

LUKE: Well you aren't, ok? I don't want your friendship, so you can stop trying so hard.

(LUKE picks up his dustpan, and begins to walk off R.) 

ANDREA: I know about your mom, Luke. I'm so sorry

(LUKE slowly turns around)

LUKE: Get out. Get the hell out. I don't wanna hear it from you or anyone else.

ANDREA: I'm sorry, I was only trying to-

(At this moment, the lights flicker and rumbling noises begin. Both LUKE and ANDREA drop to the floor. The stage goes black, and the noises stop.)

Scene 2

(Slowly, the lights come up. The stage is bare except for LUKE and ANDREA. They look around in confusion.)

ANDREA: Wh-what's happening? 

LUKE: My boss is gonna kill me if I don't get back to the store. 

(LUKE gets up, brushes himself off, and starts heading off R.)

ANDREA: Wait, where are you going? 

LUKE (not turning around): Away from here.

(BADGERLY, wearing a red waistcoat and trousers as well as a monocle, enters from L. ANDREA gasps and stares at him in shock, LUKE turns around at the noise and stumbles back in surprise.)

BADGERLY: I say, what have we here? Visitors, eh wot?

ANDREA (manages to find her voice): What-what are you? 

BADGERLY: I believe you mean who, old gal. Badgerly Farnsworth, at your service.

(BADGERLY bows, and ANDREA slowly rises and mimics him. LUKE continues to stare.) 

BADGERLY: Surely you've heard of the Farnsworth family. Finest in all the world. No? Not ringing any bells?

(Both ANDREA and LUKE shake their heads.)

BADGERLY: How extraordinary. Now, where did you two young people say you were from? 

LUKE: Double Springs. It's in Alabama.

BADGERLY: But I have never heard of such a place. Fascinating. You must be from the West.

LUKE: The East, actually.

BADGERLY: My dear fellow, that is quite impossible. Have you lost your mind?

ANDREA (glaring at LUKE): That certainly seems to be a possibility.

BADGERLY: I really must insist you follow me, we’ll get this all sorted out with the council.

LUKE: The council? 

BADGERLY: My goodness, come along quickly now. You poor children hit your heads rather hard, I'd expect.

LUKE: I'm not going anywhere with some humanoid white bunny creature. No offense.

BADGERLY (in shock): My dear sir, there is no need for such words. Where are your manners? 

ANDREA (imitating BADGERLY): Yes indeed old chum, where have your manners gone? If you even had any to begin with.

LUKE (bowing slightly and insincerely): My humblest apologies. 

BADGERLY: You are forgiven. Now, let us be off! 

(BADGERLY skips off R while ANDREA and LUKE stare at each other in confusion.)

LUKE: So do we go with him or?

ANDREA: Oh excuse me, I was under the impression you never wanted to speak with me again.

LUKE (blustering): Listen, I-I didn't mean it like that, I just-

(ANDREA follows Badgerly off R, and LUKE stares after her. The lights dim as he stands there, undecided.)

THE END (for now)


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