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February 28, 2020


The women in my country cry out in violet and green. 
They live through whip, through rotten spring,
through thistle and political parties. 

In their lungs, they breathe in names that aren't pronounced anymore.
Names that are painted in blood, that are sewed on skin. 
Names of sister, daughter, mother, and friend. 

They're huddled in minuscule subway wagons, 
Painted pink to let everyone know
how their existence gets squandered in small spaces, 
How they've been denied of their own bodies. 

The women in my country wear their dresses proudly at fifteen, 
But they hide in shame at their first period, 
They bloom between cobblestones, inside corners, 
They speak in tongues, survive their way through secrets. 

And they've got voices that cut through the silence, 
They sing in a tone that tells the same stories each time, 
A clear whisper that carries history, the real one this time, 
A hymnal that told me their names and where they've been. 

A country without a single woman, did you hear? 
The Ninth of March, Mexico turns into the first country without women. 
It has denied their existence for so long, 
Insisted time after time they belong inside, locked and mute.
That the Ninth of March, Mexico will learn to listen to silence.  

Sing it, mark it on your skin, 
If it never changes, if it changes a day after, 
At least for one day, Mexico will turn and know. 
Know their names, who they were, who they are. 
The women in my country live on 09/03. 



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  • jaii

    i can't believe i missed this at first! gods, this piece is so painful yet empowering and just ugh *chef kisses*

    10 months ago
  • asta

    i remember reading about this in the news and feeling full of admiration for the women who orchestrated it, and you have brought it to life so wonderfully, so engagingly, that i am left in awe all over again. thank you for sharing!

    10 months ago
  • Anha

    gods i miss your poetry, it's exquisite. that's why it's in my march highlights! (sorry, australian timezones are weird.)

    10 months ago