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Very similar and completely based on the book "We Were Liars". All creds goes to e. lockhart. I loved this one fairytale, it blew my mind. Hope it blows your mind too.

A Broken Fairytale

February 23, 2020


Once Upon a time there lived a king with his three daughters. He loved them dearly. But one day, a monstrous three headed cyclops came and began destroying the King's kingdom. The king was furious and upset. So he sent his first lovely daughter to the cyclops to plead for the kingdom.

The first daughter died.

The father grieved and mourned for a few hours. He sent his second eldest daughter to kill the cyclops without any mercy. And told her, she will inherit the kingdom soon enough after she killed the terrible monster.

The second daughter died.

The father now sat pondering. Tears leaked out of his wrinkled face. He told his youngest and most beautiful daughter to go and lure the cyclops. The third daughter looked at his blood-shot eyes. 

The third daughter died.

Now, tell me, who killed the girls?

The cyclops?

or the father?


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