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“What I ask for the negro is not benevolence, not pity, not sympathy, but simply justice.” -What the Black Man Wants, Frederick Douglass

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Love your body, because you are your body, not in the sense of it being the only thing by which you are judged, but in the sense of it being the vessel for your soul and the protector of your mind.


February 21, 2020


It turns out
that if you push people too far away
they leave.
And they take every trace that they were there with them.
It turns out, that if you
(the fox)
sneak around and lie,
they (the righteous) decide you are no longer worth bleeding for.
It turns out that they are right.
(B U T),
It also turns out
that foxes are majestic 
and fire is your element 
and red is a nice color.
So they decided to step back,
thinking you’d fall
but you can prove them wrong
and fly.


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