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i pop in from time to time. and i may have some new material since it’s now 2021.

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the wine in the house urges me to spill itself onto the snow

February 23, 2020


i'd like to decorate the lawn
with golden goblets;
i'll also water the snow
with blood of the grapes
with no extra payment.
it'll be a puckered purple
scar on the pale skin of winter.
perhaps all this will ease
my mind; tongue ripping
through salt-encrusted
rims. teeth. and sinew.
my fingers are trembling,
scratching my sister's
agony in the skirt of chaos.
my nails are wrecked and
bleeding-like wine-from
scraping the sidewalk
into my gauzy mouth.
frostbitten soil dribbles
between my palms
like stinging, cloudy sleet.
i toe at the waterlogged
moon drenched in wine.
Finished: (19/02/2020 9:45PM)

I decided that writing poetry is the better alternative compared to doing maths. It's late, I have classes tomorrow, but I can't sleep until I've finished my assignments *sighs*. I've got to work harder for higher marks in maths; it's not going so well at the moment. Does anyone else have issues with brain-maths comprehension?


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  • Cxtrus

    (bonus round) is finished. Sorry I took a while.

    11 months ago
  • bambiamby

    1. I love this piece! Each stanza bring vivid descriptions that didn’t drag on :)
    2. I’m with u with the brain- maths thing too :p

    11 months ago