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i'm known for my long freakin' comments and highlight crazy reviews, but like seriously? life's been to crazy y'all, so bear with me, please.

if i call you "love" or "lovely" that's just how i talk, so don't freak out lol

Why My Weeks Are Bearable

February 20, 2020

PROMPT: Seven Delights

I experience forever every once in a while when I'm sleeping through the night and dreaming about everything I want to do. Lucid dreams leave me shivering, but for all the best reasons.

I was taught there's only one way to start a week: shower. Wash away your past as though nothing bad can happen again and try to remain as clean as you can in the dirtiest of ways.

Weakness: I don't know how to rant in a way that doesn't mean writing about it. My soul is poured onto paper through words and that's better medicine than any drug.

She's sugar, spice, and everything nice. No one out there that would even compare to the friend she is or would match her contagious optimism.

Sometimes my life isn't "story" enough and I need to escape from reality. Fictional places are more calming than a quiet room where I'm all alone.

Underrated sure, but useless nonetheless. There's unexpected joy in marking off the days and counting down in anticipation; if only plans lasted forever.

How could I survive a week of anything without music there to remind me there are others out there like me? My heart and head can agree: Lyrics and candor make sweet melodies.
Finished: 2/20/2020


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  • Wisp

    The descriptions are heavenly and I loved how you painted fragments of your life here. It was so well thought and I simply love your way to make the mundane so luxurious.

    about 2 months ago
  • Loser

    I liked these little pictures of your life!

    9 months ago