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Woof woof!

Dogs have rights and feelings too. Some are sensitive, and when anyone animal feelings threatened, they defend themselves. They shouldn't get treated poorly for doing the right thing, for doing what we would've done if someone should threaten us!

i was threatened, so my teeth were bared

February 19, 2020

I am only protecting myself.
I will only hurt you
When I feel threatened.
Or when you attack me.

You humans call it self-defense.
That's your excuse.
Can I use it too?

You call me a bad dog,
But I am good!
I have done nothing
But mind my own business.

But now my tail is between my legs.
My mouth is clapped shut
With the muzzle you put on me,
because I was a bad dog.

Bad dog.

Now children run away from me,
And hide behind their parents.
They use to want
To pet
And stroke
And love me.
You've taken that all away.

Your wondering what has
Gotten into me?
Why am I misbehaving?
Because you clamp my mouth
And shut me up
And neglect me
From the love
I crave.
I need.

Instead of throwing me a ball,
Or a stick to fetch.
You throw me to someone else,
With other dogs,
Away from home.

This place looks familiar.
Ahh, the place you brought me from.
You looked so pleased,
So happy.
You took me as your
Own pet.
Your own family.

I don't know self-defense
Could have you locked up in prison.
Away from your friends and the
People you love.

But if my family
Thinks its the best decision.
Who am I to complain?
I am just a bad dog
After all.


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  • birthdaycandles

    Poor little pupper :( Good piece of writing though! :)

    7 months ago
  • FizzyBaguette

    Woof woof!
    (Translation: Dog rights!)

    9 months ago