Kayla Vanderpool

United States of America

Aspiring Renaissance (wo)Man
Wanna-be writer, professionally pretentious, full-time nerd.
Just a mediocre fish in this big pond called earth.

Message to Readers

Bang bang the witch still lives.

I have no idea what to write

February 18, 2020


My mind is a blank
shot from an empty gun you
flare in the night like a stop
sign for the stars I
detest circles because they have no beginning, no 
end, immortal and six feet under at the 
same time - Schrodinger's cat in a shape.
They asked for the world, so I gave them 
My heart because I love to disappoint.  


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1 Comment
  • Maryam

    I love this! I know at times inspiration can be so far away and writing seems like the last thing on your mind, but this was especially good even for no idea on what to write. Keep writing, great job! <3<3<3

    about 2 months ago