Laurene Workman

United States

Night Bandits

December 22, 2020

    As a raccoon I have seen development take away my home. Instead of running through woods and smelling the clean fresh air I'm forced to run through streets that weren't there a week ago. My once beloved home chopped down so someone else could live there. My family's been left homeless, I cant's support them. I'm forced to dig through trash just to survive. People call us pest and nuisances but where here because they have taken our homes and used them to build theirs. They call us vulgar names like trash pandas and thieves when they are the ones who take away our homes. Some even hunt us with guns and dogs. I've seen friends turned into hats by these horrible people. Its not just me who's been affected by these people who steal homes in the night. Our neighbors have been forced to migrate to different places. 


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  • December 22, 2020 - 10:08pm (Now Viewing)

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