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"It's time to move on. it's time to get goin'. what lies ahead I have no way of knowin'." -T.Petty
How to Be a Happy Hippie:
-Love Mama Earth and all that reside here-
-Be a small bit crazy-
-Keep a big heart and an open mind-
-Find the beauty in all things-
-Remember all the happy mistakes made along the way-
-Be groovy or leave, man-

Take Me Back

February 16, 2020


Take me back to when goodbye meant only until tomorrow.
Take me back to when BFF meant always there; not just when it's convienent.
Take me back to when boyfriend meant holding hands in the hall and love notes at lunch; not guilt trips and lies over text.
Take me back to reading after school didn't give me a migraine.
Take me back to when the only "panic attacks" I had were because I couldn't find my stuffed rabbit.
Take me back to when the most heated arguments had were over which Teen Titan was the coolest. 
Take me back to when my biggest crisis was deciding which Lunchable to leave for Friday's lunch; and not whether not I'll ever find love.
Take me back to when friends and more than friends said "I love you" and meant it.


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