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hey guys, it's ya girl, silver, back at it again...

Message to Readers

i don't know what vibe i was going for (probably magical realism something) but i would like help in making this more cohesive. comments and reviews are highly appreciated :)

in and out

February 17, 2020

PROMPT: Zoom Out

click. hands, wrinkled with time and skill. blunt, broken nails from too much creation and too much destruction. there is a hidden universe in every crease of her hand and magic in every crevice of her home. perpetually curved-spine, body arched forward. a strange conviction in those milky eyes.

click. house too big for one person. always slightly cluttered, slightly too crowded despite its emptiness. shrines of miscellaneous objects for the ordinary- a pile of remotes in front of the television, pens stacked untouched in front of a yellowing notebook, a broom and a dustpan laid out beneath a windowsill of houseplants.

click. a web of dirt roads leading to a singular fate. always cloudy, always wet and muddy and sticky, and yet never raining. too many trees and somehow even more tree stumps. triplets of mushroom children choking out the flowers, dandelion persistence for the masses.

click. abandoned town abandoned home abandoned woman. fate and the rule of threes and coincidence. maiden mother crone. another generation born and another generation gone. make sure to hit pause, make sure to zoom back in. 

click. do not forget, the trees whisper. do not forget, the mushrooms whisper. do not forget, the home whispers. forget, forget, forget, whispers the woman.


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