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Check out Rohan's Defender and Coolgirl! Honestly, these are some of the most awesome people ever! And they write beautifully! Also, books4life is working on an HG fanfic and you NEED to go read it!

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What Now?

April 30, 2020


My voice is stuck, lodged in my throat
I am drowning in this brown, dirty moat
It surrounds my prison of beauty and riches
It's perfect, a game with no glitches
But I cannot escape the castle even if I tried
A million times I've almost, very nearly died
And I didn't even make it past the bridge between here and there
And all I can do is sit and stare
Out a window that has thick iron bars
Sometimes, at night, they even block out the stars
And they stuff me in dresses and heels and money
But all I can think about is when I start running
When I break free, no one will catch me
But I'm willing to take that chance
Because it is the only way to dance
Without all the rules and regulations weighing me down
Without having to stoop under that crown
And I will bow to nothing in this land
Freedom and I shall walk hand in hand

But first I have to plan my escape
And after years and years, a plan takes shape
I talk one guard into getting me ice cream and cake
Bu this is not something even a mastercraftsman could make
I slip past the doors lining my hall
And then top myself before I fall
There is a cliff down this way, at the very end
No one would ever suspect that's were I met my best friend
But Allysa was there as she always is and always was
And on her shoulder is a bag of gold gained from what she does
We scatter it in the moat, most of the treasure but not all
And then we break into a run, we must not stall
And we toss the bag across the water and then leap straight in
And this is the part of the game where I win

But I guess I forgot. I never learned how to swim
And the light above me is going dim
As I go under
I hear a crack like thunder
And then someone pulls me up from the deep and dark
And the scar running from eye to chin is stark
I know him from all the talks Allysa and I had
But at the moment, I didn't care, I was glad
I wasn't dying and Allysa was sitting beside me
She was shivering, but in her hands was a cup of tea
We were in a house not far from the moat
It was the place Allysa stored her boat
Jack's place, the man whom she loved
After he saved her from a life of being shoved
And I saw him lay a kiss on top of her head
And then he carried her over to a bed
And Allysa curled up and fell asleep
But I was so tired, all I could do was weep
And I was so glad and happy to be free
Now I just had to figure out how to be me


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  • Anne Blackwood

    K I forgot about how awesome this is

    over 1 year ago
  • Hailie Ogden

    I could feel her, I could her being trapped and forced to be someone she's not. Now she lost and doesn't know who she is, but at least she's free

    over 1 year ago
  • Deleted User

    Beautiful as ever Rose!

    over 1 year ago
  • ----

    Love this!

    over 1 year ago