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aesthetic doodles sprawled all over the floors.

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i'm not done, because jess's part is too incompetent, and bland. however, alex is pretty much finished. if you have noticed, i am trying to do my capitals, but it's a lot of work since i wrote it in lowercase first, if you see any capitalization errors i didn't catch, please comment.

if you have any constructive feedback, please feel free to comment, or review. !thank yuw!

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February 19, 2020


(no subject)
Alexis Mason <alexismason32@gmail.com>
8 hours ago 

Hey Jess. It's been a while since we talked, and I thought you deserved an explanation. We've been friends for I don't know, eight years? Probably gotta ask your mom to find those Polaroids again. Anyways, remember that dog I had always wanted, the one I used to beg for every single day, in first grade? Well, I got her, we named her Massie, I loved her with all my heart and my life was complete. We would do everything together, everything, literally everything. Our synergy, made everything happier and brighter. Wherever Massie went, so did I. When you used to call me over, I hated parting with Massie and so did Massie. One day in, I think it was 6th grade, we were finishing up the project Ms. Aran gave us over at your house. I was gluing the last sparkly, foam star on the trifold and Mom texted me Massie was in the hospital. I ran out and biked home, leaving you to glue the last, lonely star by yourself.

Massie's heart was weak, we had to give some treatment every month. It just made her lazier, she started losing her appetite, and so did mine. I didn't come to school the next day, Mom insisted for me to go, but I needed to stay with Massie. Poor Massie, she was facing a lot. I wanted to help, but Mom insisted, my education was more important. I went to school, but I stopped talking to everyone, even you. People would pick on me, for being a loner. My eyes were surrounded with dark circles missing Massie's warm presence on my bed. Instead, she had a seperate room next to Mom and Dad's where she would stretch out, her droopy eyes full of sadness. Massie had to have surgeries in May, when exams were going on, which didn't help me one bit. She was so weak and frail, her brown fur growing skimpy, I looked away. 

School closed for summer, leaving me with nothing to do, other than think about Massie and leave your emails unread. It came to the first day of seventh grade, Mom pushed my intestate feet out the door and I trudged to school. I arrived, only to see everyone knew about Massie. The only person who knew about Massie was you. I heard Mom calling your mom in the afternoons talking about Massie, I hoped you wouldn't tell, but here we were. You told everyone, you told Danica, who teased me, I could never forgive you. Danica came up to me with a sneer plastered on her face, she tripped me and her friends kicked me. My eyes and mouth felt sore as I stood there. From the corner of my eye, I saw you hurriedly talking to Ms. Aran about something and pointing your thin finger at me, as Danica and her friends snickered. Ms. Aran walked over and asked me if Danica and her friends had anything to do with this, and I shook my head. Your mouth hung open, and Ms. Aran frowned. You tried to convince her that Danica and her friends did hurt me, but I shook my head. You stood there your placid face staring at me. I realized, you didn't have any friends either, you didn't want anyone, you just wanted me. You had a choice, you could have walked away from my train wreck, but you stood here, right next to me, and I didn't even notice. Massie was like the Sun in the geosynchronous, we learned about in Ms. Aran's class, to me, everything was in orbit of her. You were pretty, you could be popular just like Danica, but instead you decided to stick next to my soppy mess, thank you for that.

You'll probably will still be mad at me, but here it is. I'm sorry Jess, I never noticed there was another planet orbiting me.

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Jessica Reynolds <jessierey@gmail.com>
34 minutes ago

Hi Alex. I'm sorry for telling Danica, she was making fun of you, I just wanted to defend you, and I explained everything that was going on in your life. Those poloroids are hung all around my room, if you wanted to come over, maybe it is too soon.

Seems like you still got Ms. Aran's humor, huh? What about this, its time for an equinox Alex, will you give me a chance?


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  • Riley Noel

    No I'm not crying there's just a lot of dust in this room...Okay Im balling my eyes out because this piece has so many emotions. You have wonderful talent for pulling at peoples heart strings. These characters were so real and three-dimensional that I felt like I knew them. Incredible work!

    10 months ago
  • CrazyNinjaKid

    The emotion is amazing in this!
    BTW congrats on 100 followers :P

    11 months ago
  • V-Rose

    WOW! This was really heart moving. Dogs are such amazing creatures and just so great to have around. great work, aj!

    11 months ago