I kept a journal once. It is now filled with ideas and concepts that are either cringy or have never been put into use. I still use it, but it mostly just takes up space in the corner of my desk.

Message from Writer

I'm not decisive enough to answer most of the questions you'd throw at me.
Coffee or Tea? Interchangeable. Sometimes I prefer tea, other times I'm obsessed with coffee.
Cat or Dog? Foxes. They're like a fluffy combination of both.
Pineapple on Pizza? Eh. I don't hate them, but I don't like them either.
But if you were to ask about my motto in life?
"The fool thinks himself wise, the wise man knows he is a fool."

A Mockery of Roundness

February 15, 2020

PROMPT: Zoom Out

My nails hurt. They're little more than stubs now, jagged things scraped and peeled into a mockery of roundness. Nails are tougher than we give credit for, filled with the kind of stubborn determination you'd see in a dehydrated wildebeest, refusing to die even as it is bitten and picked at by hungry, circling vultures.

Even the dim light of the cheap motel lamp, which illuminated so well the various piles of unclean laundry lying about, has failed to hide the absolute war zone my fingers are reduced to. Outside, the air is sticky. It is suffocating with the smell of car exhaust smoke and barbecue smoke, of mothers and babes alike crying and screaming. I dare not open the window, for outside there is cacophony that can drive a saint mad. I dare not look beyond the glass, for outside there is terror no movie can replicate.

It is too loud. I hide under the bedsheets and pick at my nails, and when they are bleeding I pick the skin beside them.


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  • Thunderspark8

    I love how you circled back to nails with the last sentence!

    11 months ago