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Hey there!
My name is Johanna and I'm very much in love with the English language.
I'm a 17 years old from Germany and writing is one of my greatest passions alongside music.

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Feel free to contact me. All the love.

holy ghost

March 21, 2020


What is a life as low as mine
When I see a holy ghost above
Who only thrives for his best creations to love
Who am I if I want to be it for him
Like everyone else and will fail at the brim
Or just at the try of illuminating myself
Or to meet someone so high up
What do I do now with my heartfull wish
My memories of imagined future experiences
Who will I place my affection on
Will anyone be enough...
...when I see a holy ghost from the above?
Review is welcome, it has been a while and forgot how to request that haha.

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