Hi, hello and hey! I am a girl who loves to write and share her thoughts with the world. I believe that words can wield magic, and I will be trying my hardest to make mine, not only wield magic, but also have lives of their own...


February 13, 2020


Thy heart,
not less than a kingdom of gold,
Thy life,
will be expanded by a million-fold,
Thy love,
will linger and mingle with the air,
Thy morals,
of life we all would share,
Thy truth,
will be the death of the night,
Thy laughter,
would accompany the light,
Thy soul,
shall reside in me,
Thy vision,
I shall bear and I shall see,
Thy sweet lore,
I must read,
Thy brave lore,
I must breathe...


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