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everyone here seems to have a statement they want to make, a purpose to fulfill.

I just want to eat cookies and be myself.

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my views are my own, and i am an open, sealed book. you can know anything about me if you ask the right questions.

i am a member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. no, i will not try to convert you. just a fair warning that a lot of my work is religiously inspired.

opinions i have that people don't seem to like...

February 12, 2020



hello! i thought i would try doing the whole opinions trend thing... but i'm not a fan of the prompt that has caused it, so here we are, ignoring it.

here's the opinions that people will probably not like.

faith and hope are the only things that matter. fact is worthless in the end, as moral truth destroys conversation.

color coding government is the worst idea humanity has ever had.

being moderate is then only way to have a unique voice. otherwise you're just agreeing with whatever the people before you said.

abortion should be legal, but only if the birth threatens the mother's life. adoption needs to be revised, not eliminated.

God is real and he loves everyone. everyone. y'all fighting over who is worthy of love are whack, because everyone is. everyone.

with love comes discipline. you do not love someone if you can't stand up to them.

love is dangerous. it's like a gun. you can use it to protect those close to you, but it can also hurt you and those you love if used incorrectly.

religion is by nature good. people are by nature evil. the two have trouble mixing.

our instincts seek to destroy our morals. our natural state is destructive and wicked, while our morals unite us and build societies. the further we distance ourselves from instinct, the better we become.

sometimes a hug makes things worse. sometimes a sad person needs a kick in the pants and a stern lecture to get them motivated.

therapy is the best thing for a person. but it is not a cure or even medicine. it is a coping mechanism for dealing with the medicines and pains. pretending like therapy alone will fix you is foolish. only you can fix you in terms of mental health.

broken people are useful too.


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  • Ursa

    very interesting thoughts. thanks for sharing:)

    10 months ago