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For everyone who's ever sat on a tree branch and thought for a while

or someone who wanted to

I found out my brother's secretly a poet

February 13, 2020


How much does love weigh can you count it in ounces, or pounds 
Can you measure the Stars trace the distances between them?

How much does love weigh, how long
does it last is it something forever or just out of grasp. 

Can you follow its reason it's logic its ways does anything make sense or is it all just a maze? 
Skipping through stars and marking the paths, wherever Love goes are we just tied to the mast of a ship that's sinking with nowhere to go, rushing down without reason in a spiral down into the thing called Love?

Do we fight it or surrender and just let go, take tentative steps or flee for it oh.

How much does love weigh can you count it in measures how much does love weigh in its infinite trails and are we all pulled by it and what it entails.
So my twin brother jokingly said "how much does love weigh" in response to a song lyric and I told him to make it into a poem. And then he did this.


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