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Hindrelag's Drummer Boy

By: K-9crazy


    When I think of Father, especially now that he is dead, my one wish is that I could only grow to be like him; no matter the cost. When I remember how willingly he risked his life to save those drowning fishermen, knowing he very well that he may be heading into the grip of death itself, hesitation never crossed his brave mind; never entered his gallant heart.
    I rolled onto my side, trying to find a patch of ground without any rocks under the dead leaves. It was a cold night out and my threadbare coat was hardly enough to keep me warm. I held it tightly shut at my neck however, and breathed warm air into my frozen hand. As I lay shivering, the moon peered from behind some clouds, shining down on our group of sleeping men in the forest. They were poor as dirt every one of them, but they had been trained, and I could see in them the courage my father had once owned. It was with bold fearlessness that he had been first to board the rescue boat; the first to grasp an oar; the first to save a life, - and also, - the first to die himself.
    I let out a breath of warm air and pulled the collar of my coat up about my red ears. I wondered what a young drummer boy like me might grow to become, and if perhaps if I too, like my father would die to save others?

Message to Readers

Although this story strays from the topic, it was originally inspired by the legend of Richmond castle's drummer boy. If you'd like read the legend or know what happened to the drummer boy, google "richmond castle drummer boy". It's a fascinating legend!
A great day to you all!

Peer Review

This was absolutely wonderful! I remember reading "The Drummer Boy of Shiloh" back in 5th grade, and this short and delightful story gave me so much nostalgia!

Ooooo, I'd really like to know the answer to the question at the end. What will happen to the little drummer boy? Will he survive?

Reviewer Comments

Well done on this piece! I absolutely loved it! Never stop writing!