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i pop in from time to time. and i may have some new material since it’s now 2021.

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mr. morrison told me we’re stars

February 15, 2020


my mouth burned/ from the tears of the sun./ burned, child. burned./ i drank because/ the sun is my father./ and his brethren are mine./ and i am human;/ therefore, we are stars./ it’s our skin, trapped and glowing./ it’s a raging rush of starlight that/ runs through my veins./ we are stars,/ stars, child.
Finished: (10/02/2020 1:31PM)

we spent ten minutes of biology with an astronomy teacher watching our class. he told us we’re literal stars and i think that’s beautiful. we are made from stars. we are celestial beings.


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  • Dmoral

    totally agree with @Wicked!
    i freakin' love this

    9 months ago
  • Wicked!

    Asdjebdbf this is so freaking beautiful

    11 months ago