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The Difference that Mattered

April 23, 2020


She wandered through the village square, scanning through the market for the produce section, for apples her mother requested. Eyes followed her uneasily, but quickly averted when she noticed them. When she finally found the man selling fresh fruit, he didn't respond when she asked for the price of the apples. She repeated herself, even though he clearly heard her the first time. She opened her mouth to speak again, but he interrupted her. ‘I don’t sell my good fruit to freaks like you! Go away before you taint something!’ his raised voice attracted the attention of the townspeople, who turned to stare accusingly. The corruption in their eyes stayed with her as she hurried away.
As she passed a street corner she observed a number of people yelling about their group. Everyone was supposed to join for ‘the greater good’, but she felt a darker side behind their crowing display, feeling that a conforming and uniform society was hardly a "greater good". Being different was dangerous, and people like her could be exiled at best if they weren't careful. The leader straightened in interest as she passed, and called out to her. ‘Hey you! Why don’t you join? Everyone supposed to, only a few people haven't.” She stumbled out a feeble excuse and left.

Restless in the confines of her room, she elected to take a walk to clear her head. A storm was brewing overhead, but she would be quick. She found herself walking along the road on which an old farmer lived. She stopped at a fence and looked over at the house, where he was fixing something on the roof. She turned to the see the group from before swaggering down the road. ‘What are you doing here?’ one demanded. As he spoke, a fork of lightning struck the farmer’s house. He screamed and fell off the roof. Dead. The leader turned to her in shock. ‘WITCH!’ He screeched. ‘GET THE WITCH!’ Hands seized her and started dragging her kicking and screaming back to the village.
Back at the village, many people had gathered to see the so-called witch. ‘She struck an innocent man with lightning! She refuses to conform! She’s a WITCH!’ The leader howled, eyes dancing manically. ‘Burn her at the stake! Burn the witch! Burn the witch!’ One person’s cry had unleashed a chant among the others. She struggled desperately, but the horde of frenzied people bore her towards the town square, where a giant pyre was waiting.
Glacial terror overcame her as she was tied to the post on top of the pyre, but beneath it was an underlying sense ominous awareness. The unlit bonfire had been hastily thrown together within a few minutes from scrap wood lying around, and even some window frames and doors could be seen amongst the wood. The people were oblivious to her protests of innocence, and lit torches could be seen being passed from hand to hand, ready to burn her alive. ‘You can’t do this!' she insisted hysterically. 'You are unleashing evil you don’t even understand!’.
‘She’s trying to curse us! Hurry!’ someone wailed in despair. They advanced toward her, torches in hand. ‘The evil! you can’t...’ She gasped out as they held their torches to the pyre. She screamed as the flames enveloped her, flaring up and devouring the wood within seconds. The only evidence of a fire was the blackened scar on the ground.
Thanks to Riley Noel for the great review, I hope it has improved :)

This is supposed to be an under-600-word snapshot of wrong in time, and this particular story is horribly obscure, but it is about a girl who was victim to the witch hunts, though it the time it is set in is also unspecified. For a bit of background, the girl in question did have some paranormal abilities, and looked different from the others in her town, but I guess I can leave that up to your imagination*. Her nonconformity is briefly touched on, but the word limit gave me a hard time fitting everything in. In short, it's a pretty low quality and poorly thought out story, but hey I had an idea and jumped on it, so what can you do?

*I intentionally didn't name her, be creative when I wasn't.

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