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Gonna see my honey now... gonna see my honey walkin'. Gonna see my honey... a walkin' by.

An empty bed beside You

February 10, 2020


Tell me you love me,
For I know you do.
Tell me you'll hold me,
Even when I've fallen through.

I'm bruised,
And I'm broken.
I'm battered,
And I'm shattered.

Look at me honey,
Look and forgive.
You've made my world sunny,
When I've made yours dim.

Tell me I'm worth it,
For I regret that I'm not.
Tell me I'm loved,
Because I've never been before.

I'm lost,
And I'm hopeless.
I'm forgotten,
And I'm heartless. 

Look at me, Dear,
But don't tell me what you see.
Be of good cheer, my dear,
For I will be long gone come tomorrow.

Goodbye, Love.
I wish it wasn't so.
But when you wake up, you'll see,
An empty bed beside you.


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