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Tout le monde

By: pawsitivewriter

PROMPT: One Home

Toute le monde,
Eating, speaking, laughing.
Different languages,
We all share the same space
And reach for our goals
With grasping, hopeful fingers.
We fight, bleed, and die
For our countries,
And we march through the
Streets to advocate
For peace
So it never happens again.
People share meals with their
Families and swap stories
With friends and strangers,
Always writing,
Of their lives and their experiences,
Writing for the sheer thrill of it.
Tell me,
What is more human than that?

Smashed this one out in a few minutes. It's always nice to practice poetry, even if it isn't my best

Message to Readers

Always open to any kind of feedback!

Peer Review

Well, there were two main ideas that were explored in this concise poem. First, it's the idea that even though we have different origins, our hustle, our strife and our aspirations are still very much the same. Second, I had the impression that what constructs humanity is the things that we go through. And we, as human beings, are made up of stories. An elegant poem, if I could say.

I was wondering what prompted you to write this poem and to arrange it in such an order? It's very effective in conveying how human narrative can boil down to a few essential stories and experiences, which adds a hint of nihilistic elegance to it.

Reviewer Comments

It's a good write, definitely! I shall always be amazed at how you can write this poem within a few minutes and be in awe of how deeply you would have reflected in daily life. I wonder how this piece would look like in an extended piece of writing? :)