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You Are My Sun

February 17, 2020


Dear (i can't tell you)
The sun, as many people forget, is not the brightest star in our solar system, in our universe, and certainly not in our multiverse. 
But it is the most relevant to us. 
Because even if we survive the collapse of our sun, we will never be the same without it.  
No other brightest star provides us with life, with warmth, and even when you can’t see it, it is keeping us alive. We may survive without our sun, but we can never thrive in its absence. Which is how I feel about you. I don’t even know if I could survive in your absence.  
It is all uncertain, my love. We don’t know if we could survive the collapse of our sun- a quick Google search says even the slim possibility has been nearly ruled out.  
I will press on if you find another, or if we are fundamentally incompatible (I refuse to believe that), or if for any other reason we are torn apart. But for now, you are my sun. For always, I will love love love you. You bring joy and warmth to my day. All of this is not about survival. Sometimes, it’s about enjoying what you have while you can.  
I love love love you. 
-the wind 
to my girlfriend


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  • aralyn.kay

    I love you too so much

    about 1 year ago
  • Cae

    I love you. SO much.

    about 1 year ago