Ella Springer

United States of America

Real Problems

February 6, 2020


    We love to complain. We as in people, the human race. We just LOVE to complain. A lot of times, we aren’t even close to having something worth complaining about. We complain so much, we don’t notice what really happens in the world, in our country, in our city, or even on our street. We don’t care enough to take the time to stop complaining and notice what’s really going on. We are so caught up in little disagreements and friendships that aren’t going well. And while these are important, there are many more important things happening. Much more dramatic, and much more life-threatening. We say we are gonna die because we didn’t finish our work or we have to give a presentation or we have a conference of some kind. While we are complaining about these things, saying we are gonna die because of these things, people are actually dying around us. People are hurt and killed for reasons they can’t usually control. 
    The next time you are speeding and you get a ticket and you wanna say I’m gonna die lt if your young My parents are gonna kill me. Take a moment before you say these things and realize that some people are in danger if they get pulled over. Sometimes for things they can’t control, like the color of their skin. Because people make assumptions, and people kill other people because of their assumptions. People don’t get jobs because of these assumptions. And because of this, they might actually die when they are pulled over. They might actually become homeless because they don’t have a stable job, and they can’t pay for the ticket.
    I consider myself lucky, I don’t have to personally deal with any of these fears, not the assumptions, not the running out of money. I’m stable and I consider myself very lucky because of this. I support others and try to help speak out about how others don't get to live with the luxury of freedom.
    Freedom really is a luxury. For some reason though, no one seems to act like it is. At least not the people who have this luxury. I am extremely lucky to be able to live my life without fear of being hurt or killed because of the way I look and the beliefs I have. I consider it a luxury, so why can't everyone? I'm thirteen, hardly a teenager, and I appreciate my freedom more than many adults do.  We really have to step it up, start noticing what happens around us. We have to stop living in our own little worlds where if you lose a hair clip, then supposedly "You're gonna die". In the real world, people do die. Sometimes for stupid reasons, reasons that any human would realize was stupid. But we're to busy worrying about how many likes we get on Instagram or  how many followers everyone has on social media. We ar etoo busy worrying about stupid stuff, and we don't worry about real problems. At least not enough to stop them, because we're doing a pretty crappy job of stopping a lot of terrible things.
   Just because we aren't doing enough right now, doesn't mean that we will never change. It is going to take a ton of dedicated work, but if we all work together, than we can create change. If we all unite, and work hard, we CAN make a difference. But it's gonna require us to force ourselves out of our bubbles where social media is the most important thing ever, and it's gonna require a whole lot of work. But we can do it, we can change the world for the better. But only if we all work together. So we better all get our acts together and CREATE CHANGE! 


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