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Contest: #MySentenceStarter

February 6, 2020


I've been here nearly a year, now. (Not on this account, I had another but forgot the password, embarrassing!) And I wanted to host a contest. Unlike others, my prompts will be story-starters. You'll begin the story with a fragment of a sentence or new sentence, and do whatever you want from there! I really liked doing these when I was younger, so I'll give you some of the prompts I loved the most! You'll have a 400-2000 word limit.

#1 - Broken Time
Sitting in the pale room, we stare at the clock that has yet to move...

This can become dark, weird, strange, or really depressing based on the way you tell. Or maybe you could make humor out of it with a child who does not want to visit the doctor! The possibilities are endless!

#2 - Diseased
I stared at him, foam pouring from his mouth and ears...

It's not required to make it Rabies, in fact, make up diseases if you have to!

#3 - I was told...
"Listen, Miss, I wish I could let you in, but I was told...

This could go anywhere, honestly, and you can take it anyway. However, I do have a rule. This story can only have THREE SENTENCES WITH DIALOGUE!

#4 - The room
"Shhhh," she said softly, turning the spigot while I shook in the bindings...

Spy story? Villain reform? Corruption? Do whatever!

HApPy Writing! Your pieces are due at 11:59 PM, March 15th! Link me your entries below.


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  • New York_dreamer

    prompt #2 :)

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    here is mine for prompt 1

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    I will submit something!

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