"Have I gone mad?"
"I'm afraid so. You're entirely bonkers. But I'll tell you a secret....all the best people are."
- Listen, Smile, Agree, And then do whatever you wanted to do anyway -

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You are the Sun to my Moon and She's the Stars to our Slumber

June 13, 2016


You are fire.  You are heat.  You are a blazing inferno that tears through the world.  You are precious liquid fire gold - treasured and adored - yet sort after by so many greedy crooks.  You are innocent, beautiful, compassionate and playful and naive - so endearing and perfect to me.  You are funny, sweet, and kind-hearted - too much so for your own good.  You are trusting, forgiving and as warm and comforting as the sun's rays.  You give your heart so easily, love too much.  It is my job to protect you.  
Keep you safe from all those who try to harm you - take advantage of you.  Shield you from the cold, cruel world we live in.  Shelter you from the suffocating darkness that surrounds you as it tries to drag you into its murky depths.  Defend your precious innocent light from the cold winds and dark shadows as they try to snuff you out with their frigid, wintry claws.  No harm shall befall you - precious sun of mine.  You have nothing to fear - except for me.

I may protect you, shield you, shelter you and defend you, but - my beloved sun, so beautiful and so bright - I am still a monster of the night, a demon of the shadows and a terror of the mind.  I can still hurt you.  I am your moon; dark and lifeless, cold and ominous, hateful and lonely without you.  I cannot shine without you, cannot be the creature of light everyone sees and adores without your help.  Without you, I am a dull unreflective mirror that sits alone in the dark and dusty corner  of the attic of an abandoned house - the same way I hang alone - barely visible - in the daytime sky for you are elsewhere.  

I am the moon.  I am a monster.  I am the demon of the night.  I am the water; dark, malicious and deep - drowning all who enters my embrace.  There's not much to love about a monster like me - a creature of nightmares, shadows and strife.  You should be scared of me - I'm not always in control.  I'm not always compassionate, kind and gentle - only when you are with me, even if its only in spirit.  I am only human if its for you.  I don't understand why you love me - why you cherish me, treat me like I'm the most important person in your world.  I don't get attached easily.  I'm too used to being hurt, being alone, being dark, that running across several courts to tackle you in a hug because I know you'll catch me as I fall, that you'll love me unconditionally as you treasure the heart that I've given you to hold is so strange, so unfamiliar and I never want to let this feeling go.  It's horrible how selfish I am when it comes to you, how possessive and jealous I become.  

For that I'm sorry, I'm sorry for loving you the way I do.  I'm sorry that we're stuck together the way we are.  I can think of all the terminology that dances through your head when it comes to us - cancerous, parasitic, tumourous, smothering, suffocating and I'm sorry.  I'm sorry for being this possessive, incurable disease dragging you down into my own dark world - this realm of shadows and loneliness.  It's not right and for that I'm sorry.  I'm sorry fir wanting my own light.

Because dearest aibou, you are the sun to my moon.  

She's beautiful, courageous, shy, comforting, warm and understanding.  We never interacted before she introduced me to my sun, even after knowing each other for an entire year beforehand.  We made no mistakes with this friendship - easing our way in, reading the terms and conditions as well as the fine print.  We were careful with each other and that only strengthend our bond.  She's numerous, vast, protective and bright - as many and as unique as the stars in the sky - her love just as priceless.  She stands at my side - firm and unwavering and so underestimated - as she watches over her sun and moon with care, devotion and concern.  She stood at my side and comforted me as I cried.  She's quiet but is no pushover, loving but a lioness if challenged.  She surrounds me in her blanket of starlight and I know I am never alone.  I have learned never to take her for granted.  She's the balance between the sun and moon, understanding and knowing.  She has known the sun for longer but by no means does she ignore the moon.  I remember laying my head on her shoulder as we watched our sun leave us behind in one of her moments of carelessness.  
"Should I smile because we're friends," I ask quietly.  "Or cry because  that's all we'll ever be?"

She smiles softly - fondly, sadly, comfortingly, understandingly - and wraps her arm around my shoulders.  I felt like I belonged in that moment - all the insecurities that had been bottled up inside me, whirling and brewing like a witch's cauldron fled like an outlaw on the run - like I had a family, like I actually meant something to the stars around me.  

"Let her go," she replied.  "If she hasn't realised by now how much you mean than it isn't worth it.  Smile - for even though she doesn't see you the way you see her - she's your best friend and you'll always have her."  

The stars have always given the moon its smile, haven't they?  

She's right.  I will always look after the sun, protect it with my life.  I will always watch over the stars with care and love.  

This is a story of three best friends, three musketeers who are so different yet one in the same.  We have a queer story and I thought it was about time I shared it.  Thoughts and feedback would be lovely.



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  • R.j.Elsewhere

    I read this with a tight frown (today has not been my day) but slowly with every word, you wore it down to something soft, something humble, something that I would call a smile. For that I thank you, and applaud your work of art. You should be proud

    about 3 years ago