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Kaitlen Fagan

United States

Into an Autumn Wood

March 31, 2015

Sight: I feel as though I am opening my eyes for the first time when I set foot into the forest. A million different colors swirl together into the pallete of one magnificent masterpiece. The leaves fall like orangey rain around me and I am soon engulfed in a wave of autumn bliss. Then as if the brilliant leaves were not enough, I look ahead and see the mirage of a flowing stream. The world turns to a ruddy blur until I find myself looking down into what must be the most beautiful places I have ever laid eyes on. Before me streches a creek shining with the dying light of a setting sun and seemingly dyed with all the colors of autumn. It is here that I sit with toes rippling the water and watch the sun sink low behind the pink lined clouds.

Touch: A crisp breeze traces its way along my bare arms and I detect a moist layer of leaves from seasons past through the thin soles of my shoes. I reach out and gently run my fingers across the uneven surface of a young sapling. I feel the ground slowly begn to drop away and before I can stop myself, I am ankle deep in a fast moving stream. The current pulls like a magnet and I begin to wade along the slippery creekbed. A light spray floats off the rocks and creates a moist film on my pale skin that forms into droplets like the morning dew. A gust of wind whips through my hair and sends it flying up like a kite. As I walk, I casually pick up a small stone and hold it in my hand, sliding my finger across the ridges of the smooth, cool surface. I wish to stay here forever, among the falling leaves, feeling every sensation.

Sound: The lonely wind whispers soft nothings into my ears as I set foot into the crisp autumn air. The leaves crackle and twigs snap as the worn treads of my shoes sneak along the forest floor. The last birds of the season twitter their farewells and the sound calls forth sweet memories of summers past. The trickling of a nearby stream pulls me from my trance and I follow its' sound. I close my eyes for a bit and take in the mesmerizing vibrations of rustling leaves in the highest treetops. The forest is full of this beautiful white noise. Never before had I realized what a serene place the wood could be.


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  • Laura Wanke

    What talented work on your first publication! Thanks for getting us started!

    almost 4 years ago